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The Brain Behind The Techie Blog


I am Samrat Roy Chowdhuri, a Technology Analyst by profession, a foodie and a passionate blogger.

Who is The Techie Blog for?

The Techie Blog is focussed on the following audience/readership:

1. Individuals and small business looking to promote themselves through targeted blogging and SEO.
2. Individuals who wants to keep themselves updated witht the latest technology updates and editorials.

There is a blogging and SEO services section on this website where I help individuals and small businesses to reach more audience through content creation and marketing by employing the proven and best practices of SEO.

How The Techie Blog Happened

I chanced upon blogging when I was in college. It was certainly not new to the world, but was a pretty new concept to India, a beautiful and diverse country where I hail from.

Over the years I have blogged on myself and this website too has a section of it.

I have blogged on food – it was a failure and I have learnt important lessons from it. I intend to share it with you and help you not repeat them.

I did another two blogs and they too failed to make a mark. But surely, I learnt!

I helped created a lifestyle blog using a very basic setup for a client. It has till date helped her earned a revenue worth thousands of dollars.

And then I repeated the process with a couple of more clients with success. Happy me! 🙂

I wish to share my experience with you all here, help you grow your blog in India (and elsewhere) if you are from here.

If you are an individual looking to market yourself – look no further. Help me help you to create a brand presence online.
This is a big country, standing out just became a whole lot easier.


Why The Techie Blog – Goals

The Techie Blog aims to do two primary things:

1. Provide technology related updates, news, editorials and DIYs
2. Povide Blogging and SEO related tips, tricks, guides and how tos.

My aim is to get more and more voices on the internet, share their story, share their ways of life and enrich the internet with their content.

This blog is a result of my passion in blogging.

Through this blog I want to make blogging easier and more effective for wannabe bloggers.

When I first started out blogging casually (because I love to write) I was faced with a lot of queries – what, why, how!

Over the years I have been successful in answering these very mysteries of blogging and implement strategies to help bloggers and small business.

And I seek to share the same with all my readers out here.

How The Techie Blog will Help you

This blog will help you get started in a step by step manner.

Blogging can look confusing with all the tech jargons and can scare a wannabe blogger.

That is where The Techie Blog comes in.

It answers your queries and elevates you to a a position from where your dive into blogging becomes easier.

Looking to win over SEO? Welcome to The Techie Blog.

SEO tips and tricks, guides, tools to use – we cover them all.

What’s Cooking in The Techie Blog – Upcoming Gudies

I read a lot – well that is what I spend hours on outside work. I read while I travel. I read after I am back home. I read till my eyes shut shop for a sound sleep.

Wondering what I read? Not story books. I read about personal development, blogging, SEO and technology.

I love sharing knowledge with like minded people.

The Techie Blog is focussed to bring in more content related to blogging and SEO – easy to understand, simple, no clutter included!

I am also looking to start with technology – technology is changing the world and there is a necessity to share the latest trends with my readers.

So subscribe! And you will get the best tech-related information, news, updates and editorial – right in your inbox

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