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Blockchain News from India – Week Ending June 30, 2017

written by Samrat Roy Chowdhuri June 30, 2017

In this section, we provide a news digest of blockchain related news from India for the week gone by. The news includes investments in startup, new product or platform launches and tie ups with major firms.

You can click on the link against each story, to read it in details. I am sure that you would like this initiative of The Indian Technology Blog.

Blockchain News from India for Week June 24, 2017 – June 30, 2017

AP, Telengana, Gujarat, Maharastra Governments evaluating Blockchain for e-Governance

The Government of Telangana is conducting a pilot in parts of Hyderabad. The aim of the pilot is to use blockchain technology for land registration and integration with the state revenue department. They are doing this in association with CDAC.

Andhra Pradesh is looking at ways to move the departmental data to blockchain in a 8-12 months time frame.




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